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Your May Career Horoscope Will Set You Up For Success During Mercury Retrograde

Feeling weird about work? You're not alone.
StyleCaster | Career Horoscope May 2023 For Every Zodiac Sign
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It’s gonna be May! And because there’s a *lot* going on, your May 2023 career horoscopes will set you up for the most successful month possible. After all, we’re dealing with a Mercury retrograde/eclipse season double whammy. Your career horoscopes are best read for both your sun and your rising sign, so make sure you check for both signs.

The month of May will be full of astrological transits that will impact your career and work life, including a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the passionate and power-hungry sign of Scorpio on May 5. Just a few days later we have Venus (the planet of love, beauty and money) entering into intuitive Cancer on the May 7. Both of these energies will ask us to use our intuition in order to take forward steps in our career. Instead of relying so much on rigid rules and out-dated beliefs around how good your life can get, trust your gut to lead the way forward. You “May” just end up pleasantly surprised.

Mercury stations direct in loyal and stable Taurus on May 14, ending this most recent bout with Mercury Retrograde. Expect communication to clear up and projects to move forward with more clarity and ease in the later half of the month. And with Jupiter joining the party in Taurus just two days later on May 16, get yourself ready for abundance, opportunities and blessings in your career when this transit occurs! This is especially true if you have Taurus placements in your birth chart.

The New Moon in Taurus will arrive on May 19, inviting us to plant seeds for our long-term goals. Now, long-term doesn’t have to mean that the path there will be boring or difficult, in fact Taurus energy thrives off of routine and predictability. This will be a great time to remove any stale narratives you have around the road to success when it’s free of chaos. Can you continue to thrive while things are easy and healthy? As the month of May winds down, we have Mars (the planet of forward movement, passion and drive) entering Leo on May 20. Share your ideas and make moves in a confident way during this time. The right people will notice. We will enter Gemini season on May 21, don’t be afraid to schmooze and network with the right people, and try to reinvigorate any existing connections you have by doing something spontaneous during this transit.

Now, let’s get into it: each of the twelve signs will have their career affected differently in the month of May. Read on below for both your sun sign and rising sign in order to get full clarity on what this month has in store for you:

How the Planets Will Affect Your Career This Month

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Aries, this month is full of financial opportunities for you as Mercury, Jupiter and the moon all transit your second house of money, work and material possessions. You may be purchasing a new car or something to decorate your home with that makes you feel confident as you enter into a new chapter with work. Remember: they say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have! This will be especially true for you in May as you start to realize how powerful your confidence is when you truly let yourself shine. No one benefits off of you playing small, my ram.

When Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo on May 20, you will feel motivated to take big leaps of faith with your career. This may look like sending out applications, putting yourself up for a promotion or even asking for that raise you know you deserve. When your cup is full, it’s easier for you to give back to others, so just know that when you win, we all win! Keep your eye on the prize and make sure that you’re in the mode to risk big for even bigger rewards. It will pay off for you if you use May as your cliff’s edge with work!

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Taurus, you are going to be extremely blessed for the remainder of the year after Jupiter arrives in your sign on May 16. This transit will last for a full year and truly bring you everything that you have been wishing for when it comes to work and money. There is no limitation to your success outside of the limitations that you’ve placed onto yourself, Taurus. You’ve so kindly respected your glass ceiling, but this month it’s time to break it. Instead of chiseling away at the same old hardened rock, why not try your hand at something new in May? This might look like changing the order of your daily routine at work, or starting a whole new career path all together. But anything that is draining your creative energy and your time has to be demoted on your list of priorities in order to get ahead.

If you are the type to let personal matters get in the way of work, May will ask you to dedicate yourself a bit more consistently to your vision. Don’t fret, you can still have “co-working days” or planned social activities, but it’s best for you to not leave so much time open just in case a friend calls or texts you last minute. Your legacy is already being written, Taurus. What do you want the pages of your memoir to say one day?

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Gemini, this month is going to stir up a lot of old insecurities around your work life as several planets transit your twelfth house of endings, closure, karma and limiting beliefs. You will benefit from spending time on activities that happen behind the scenes. This isn’t your month to put yourself up on center stage, but to truly put your head down and realize how valuable hard (and somewhat tedious) work can be. Try to put time and energy into your business connections and networking opportunities around May 20 when Mars enters Leo in your third house of communication and social activities. Happy hour and “IRL” networking events would do you well this month. You never know who you might meet, Gemini!

When the sun enters your sign on May 21, expect that work drudgery from the beginning of the month to wrap up and allow your creativity and passion to shine for the remainder of May! The final few weeks of the month will have you feeling alive and youthful, excited by work and ultimately optimistic overall! This is a great note to end May off with, and your career will benefit from you lightening up your work load! Maybe even use some of that PTO?

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Cancer, the month of May will have you feeling divinely guided and like you have finally cleared your life away and arrived back to a blank slate. Standing on square one doesn’t need to feel like a demotion, if anything, it should feel like you are reading the first page of a new chapter… not starting the book back over again! You have learned so many lessons in your career path that have lead you to this moment. When the right opportunities arrive, will you be ready and willing to accept them? May will challenge your imposter syndrome and truly ask you to stand strong in your power in order to take the next step. With a full moon lunar eclipse arriving in fellow water sign Scorpio on May 5 in your fifth house of creativity, play and self-expression this will be the time to make all of your childhood dreams come true! Ask for more time off, rig your work-life balance in your favor and be willing to set better boundaries to allow yourself happiness and peace above all else.

Jupiter arrives on May 16 in your eleventh house of technology, hopes and social groups for the next year. If you’re hoping to share your thoughts, creations or personality online with others, this year will be the time for that to take off! Let go of insecurities and fears around being seen and you will benefit greatly from what you share with others. Not everyone is like you, Cancer. This is truly going to be your time to shine… all of your life-long blessings are starting in May!

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Leo, when the Pluto retrograde begins in your seventh house of long-term connections and business partnerships you will be faced with taking accountability for your actions and short-comings. When you are authentic with others, they are more receptive to you and willing to take big leaps of faith on working with you or purchasing from you. This is a great transit for sales people, business owners and investors.

However, all Leos will benefit from the several planets in Taurus this month as they will land in your tenth house of career and long-term goals! Anything you’ve had your eyes on for a while (if not years) will finally start to materialize for you in the month of May and beyond. You’re no longer playing catch up with your peers, if anything, you will be the one that they look up to for career inspiration after this transit arrives. Keep your head held high, and walk forward with humility as you prove everyone wrong. Your life’s path is your own, Leo. You were never meant to blend in and May will see you standing out in a big way. Awards, accolades and other forms of recognition are coming your way!

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Virgo, the month of May is going to be so juicy for your career and you’ll be surprised at just how far your work will travel. If you are a writer, creator, teacher or business owner, expect for your reach to expand beyond your wildest dreams. With Jupiter in Taurus arriving in your ninth house of travel, philosophy and cross-cultural relations on May 16, it seems like something (or someone) is going global in May! Expect the unexpected and for opportunities to come from “near and far” for you as the new moon in Taurus also transits your ninth house on May 19.

When Mars enters Leo on May 20, you may feel like you want to retreat and go into Virgo’s typical “hermit mode”. Honor when you need some alone time to work behind the scenes on your dreams and goals. There is no pressure for you to be performing at all times, my maidens. When Gemini season begins on May 21, your tenth house of career and long-term goals will be illuminated and things will start to fall into place more easily for you. It will no longer feel like all of your hard work is being done in vain, things will finally materialize as May wraps up, leaving you (and your bank account) looking better than ever!

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Libra, May is going to be all about you changing your work life from the inside out. If things are feeling dull and dreary for you work-wise, you can expect a career “glow up” as your fellow Venusian, Taurus is all over the board for the month of May. Starting off with Jupiter enters your eighth house of transformation and other people’s resources on May 16. This could mean a raise, taking on more clients or even partnering with someone else on a business venture at this time. You will want to be careful about the fine print of any contracts you are signing. Take your time, slow down and use Taurus season for what it does best: relax.

When Mars enters Leo in your tenth house of career and reputation, you will find yourself more motivated now than ever to transform the way you are showing up in the world. This is a great transit for performers, content creators, writers and actors to truly shine and stand out from the crowd! May will end with the sun entering Gemini in your ninth house of travel, higher education and cross-cultural relations, making a great time for those studying, going back to school or expanding their work to a global scale. Have fun, and don’t forget to enjoy the fresh spring weather!

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Scorpio, with the full moon lunar eclipse landing in your first house of self-expression and identity on May 5, you can expect there to be a level of chaos and shedding around your perception of Self. Without any rigid rules or judgments, do you think you might be kinder to yourself about all of your hard work? Just because things don’t look like your dreams right now does not mean that your career isn’t on the right track. Heck, you might be ascending to even greater heights if you allow yourself to enjoy this present moment and be more gentle with yourself along the way.

It seems like there are several long-term projects and relationships that are being created in the month of May to assist you in your work journey. When Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, you will have a year-long illumination of your seventh house of partnerships and contracts making this a powerful transit for your work life. Can you say promotions, new job titles and a whole lot of money to be made?

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Sagittarius, May will be all about taking the time to get your ducks in a row so you can finally hit the ground running with your big projects and ideas. For many of you, your daily routines will have a big (and positive) shake-up with Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16 in your sixth house of systems, work habits and health. If you’ve been a little bit out of whack when it comes to your work-life balance, that will all be shifting in your favor. You may have some discomfort as to how that arrives, but don’t fret, my centaurs! This will be very powerful and prosperous for you over time.

On May 20 when Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo, you will finally be ready to get off of the bench and get into the game. Whatever you were ideating on in the first half of the month will have an opportunity to come to life with the later half of May and beyond. It seems like a lot of you are ready to leave the old systems behind if it means that you can be truly free in your new reality. Time to create this yourself, Sag!

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Capricorn, your fifth house of creativity, childlike spirit and joy will be heavily illuminated in the month of May with Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16 and a new moon in Taurus just a few days later on May 19. All of this abundant, earthly energy is sure to bring you ideas and opportunities to brainstorm abound. You are ready to let the good times roll, and it seems that the Universe is ready to see you enjoy yourself! Take some time off to travel, see friends and family or simply relax this month. Remember, no one can drink from an empty cup. It’s extremely important for you to relax and receive from time to time.

If a work project has hit a standstill in your life, you can expect big changes to occur on May 20 in regards to this work-in-progress. It may even end all together with Mars entering your eighth house of endings, inheritances and shared resources. Either you get yourself an investor, mentor or business partner, or you allow yourself to gracefully walk away. But whichever path you choose, just know that if you do so with pure intentions, you will find an even better opportunity down the road… with some patience needed on your end. How many times has something failed and been the end of your story? Not even once, Capricorn.

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Aquarius, with the Pluto retrograde happening in your sign and landing in your first house of self-expression and identity, you will be tasked with figuring out what it is you truly desire out of a career. Now, this might look quite different from what you’ve been searching for, but stay open to a shift in perspective if it ultimately leads you to feeling what you’ve always wanted to feel.

You may be taking a new job or contract on May 20 with Mars entering Leo and transiting your seventh house of long-term partnerships and contracts. It seems like whatever skills you have been building behind the scenes are about to be seen and admired by others. You never know who’s eyes are on you, my water bearers. It’s best for you this month to take time to figure out what energy you want to embody out in the world. This could be done through a revamped wardrobe, website or social media presence. Whatever ways you choose to rebrand yourself, just know that it will pay off in the long run if the core is authenticity. You don’t need to look, post, talk or act like anyone else in order to impress the right people. Remember not to lose yourself in the process of growing.

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Pisces, there is a lot to be discussed for you this month when it comes to work and your work relationships. Some of the greatest opportunities that are waiting for you reside on the other side of an uncomfortable conversation. If you’ve been stressing out about how to get to the next stage of your career, those answers are going to come out of nowhere once you start putting yourself out there more. You might be dabbling in networking events, social media posting or online groups as Mercury, Jupiter and the moon will all be in Taurus and sitting pretty in your third house of communication and interests by mid-May. In the final two weeks of the month, I encourage you to be more bold and outspoken about what you’re looking for. Remember, even the issues you ruminate on day after day are widely unknown to others unless you talk about them.

You might also feel like your daily routine needs a makeover when Mars enters Leo and lands in your sixth house on May 20. The sixth house deals with work routines, daily schedules and your overall health & well-being. If you start to take better (and more tailored) care of yourself, others will definitely take note of this. Who knows, you might even get hired for something you do for yourself on a daily basis.

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