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What Does a Taurus Look Like? They’re Known For Having Sexy & Voluptuous Figures

They also have impeccable taste in fashion.
STYLECASTER | What Does a Taurus Look Like?
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Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “Wow, that person looks like a Taurus”? Have you considered that someone may “look”, dress, decorate their home or act just like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring some insight by explaining what a Taurus looks like!

Astrology can work as a great tool to understand the way that people will look, act, dress and even decorate their homes depending on their sign. When someone has dominant Taurus placements (especially personal planets such as their sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars or Venus placements) they tend to embody their planetary ruler Venus, a planet associated with love, art, culture, money, sensuality and romance.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. As an earth sign, Taurus is associated with being grounded, stable and comfortable with your material possessions. The bulls of the zodiac are known for their love of beauty, comfort and luxury. Physically, they are easy to spot and languidly flow through life without any desire to be rushed. 

STYLECASTER | Ana de Armas Oscars Look 2023
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The Physical Appearance of Taurus

Taurus people are often described as having a strong and stocky build. They tend to be mesomorphic, quick to build and keep muscle and are naturally quite athletic. If they forego exercise as a main part of their routine, it is not difficult for them to pick it up later on. They are often described as having a “solid” or “dense” appearance, with a compact and muscular frame. Despite their strong build, Tauruses can be quite graceful and elegant in their movements. Think Ana De Armas or Cher, who are both Tauruses. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and fertility, so regardless of gender or build, they have a tendency to toward a more rounded or voluptuous figures and a lil extra love in the breasts and hips. 

Henry Cavill
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Facially, Taureans tend to have square or round shaped faces with prominent jawlines and full lips. Their eyes tend to be large and expressive with earth toned irises, which reminds us all of famed Taurus, Henry Cavill. It is also said that many people with Taurus placements will have a short or stubby thumb, due to the curse of Venus. In palmistry, the mound at the base of the thumb is called “the mound of Venus” and as the story states that Venusians needed at least one “flawed” trait to balance out their otherwise goddess-level beauty to fit in with the other mortals on planet Earth. 

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The Fashion Sense of Taurus

Tauruses have a keen eye for fashion and love to dress up in stylish and timeless outfits. With their eye for beauty, they hold a strong appreciation for luxury and quality goods, especially when it comes at a fair, if not discount, price. Tauruses are always willing to invest in designer clothing and high-end accessories when building out their wardrobe. Tauruses are not always the stereotypical “trendsetter”, but they have a knack for sniffing out classic and timeless sense of style that never goes out of fashion, making them masters of second-hand shopping and standing behind their style investments for decades after purchasing their pieces.


Tauruses often prefer clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear, but they hold themselves to the standard of looking  put together and polished even with their comfiest clothes. They are not usually drawn to flashy or bold prints, preferring instead to stick with neutral tones, classic patterns (like stripes or plaid) and single-colored pieces when putting their outfits together. They like to wear natural materials like cotton, wool and leather, which have textures that feel good against their skin. Everything is a sensual experience for Taurus, even the clothing they put on their own bodies!


When it comes to formal wear, Tauruses prefer elegant and refined styles that highlight their natural beauty and grace. They are often drawn to long, flowing dresses or gowns that accentuate their curves and flatter their figure. Taurus people also enjoy accessorizing with statement jewelry and designer handbags when completing their outfits. You would be hard-pressed to find a Taurus without a flair for shopping! Think of famous Taurus Penelope Cruz (April 28) who tactfully shows off her famous curves in black slip dresses or pairs a white silk Bardot blouse and tailored pants for Cannes film festival all completed with a dainty silver watch. She is the epitome of Taurus style!

When they are in more casual settings, Tauruses tend to favor comfortable and practical clothing that is both stylish and functional. They may opt for matching track suits or a linen set for their days out running errands with nowhere to be afterwards. Tauruses also appreciate practical footwear like high-end sneakers, platforms, loafers or genuine leather boots, which provide support and comfort while still looking fashionable.

Tauruses also have a love for accessorizing their outfits, especially with pieces made from natural materials. They often wear simple yet elegant watches or bracelets, and they may also choose to wear a scarf or hat to complete their look. Think about Taurus Uma Thurman (April 29) who combines scarves, blazers and heels when she heads for a day out. Tauruses gravitate towards timeless accessories that they can wear for years to come, rather than trendy pieces that will quickly go out of style. Photos taken of Taurean outfits in the 90’s still feel timely today.

Some “Taurus approved” staple pieces would be:

  • Loafers
  • Cashmere sweaters
  • Trench coats with a classic cut
  • Perfectly tailored clothing
  • Bold, layered jewelry
  • Gemstones or diamonds
  • Leather (jackets, bracelets, necklaces, boots)
  • Chiffon scarves
  • Timeless watches
  • Comfortable jeans
Michelle Pfeiffer

In conclusion, Tauruses are known for their love of luxury and quality. They will use high-end beauty products on their face and body and adorn themselves with the finest jewelry and clothing that they can afford. They have a timeless and classic sense of style, preferring neutral tones and natural materials like wool, leather, and cotton over processed and flimsy pieces. Tauruses like to dress up in elegant and refined outfits for formal occasions, and they prefer comfortable and practical clothing for more casual settings, never over or under dressing, simply on point for each occasion. Let’s not forget Michelle Pfeiffer is also a Taurus.

Being ruled by Venus, they are focused on embodying love and luxury in all that they do. Whatever you find a Taurus in, be ready to feel as sensually about their outfit as they feel about life. Their purpose on this planet is to find things that feel good and look even better, starting with their own vessel. Whether it’s through their looks, their clothes or the way that they decorate their home, be sure to note that Taurus people have an eye for design and beauty and the way they express themselves will reflect this quality.

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