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June Horoscopes 2023
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We’re officially wrapping up the first half of the year, and every zodiac sign’s June horoscope for 2023 has some exciting climaxes in store. As usual, we’re ringing in June with the fun and flighty vibes of Gemini season on our side, which lights up our brains with curiosity, fresh ideas and a craving for social connection. This quick-thinking energy is exactly what we need to navigate the many twists, turns and cosmic quirks that June’s astrology has in store.

Although Gemini season is reigning supreme, June actually kicks off with two powerful conjunctions in the sign of Taurus. The first is between lucky Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny on June 1, bringing an expanded connection to our life’s purpose and infusing us with faith that things are working out exactly as they’re meant to. Then a few days later, mental planet Mercury aligns with unpredictable Uranus in Taurus, too. Some shocking headlines could hit your personal newsstands or perhaps you’ll be stricken with a sudden genius idea. Either way, expect the unexpected!

These aspects are especially potent when combined with the illuminating full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. This zesty lunation lights up our desire for adventure, pushing us to explore beyond our immediate surroundings and reach further toward our aspirations. A lunar trine to feisty Mars in Leo brings even more fire sign energy to this spicy full moon moment and inspires us to connect with our goals more assertively. Be confident in your ability to expand and take advantage of this inspiration boost.

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Image: Getty; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Speaking of fire sign energy, Venus enters glitzy and glamorous Leo on June 5, turning up the heat on our love lives just in time for summer. Thanks to the upcoming Venus retrograde, the love planet will be here for the next four months—so this ingress marks the start of a major Venusian summer love story. Throughout the month, Venus will run into tensions with obsessive Pluto and excess-loving Jupiter, so beware of overspending, comparing yourself to others or jumping into romance too quickly.

Once we approach mid-month, we’ll fully tune into Gemini season’s frequency, as fleet-footed Mercury joins the sun here on June 11. As Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury loves being in the chatty and curiosity-driven realm of the cosmic twins. Social butterfly mode is officially activated! The new moon in Gemini rises on June 17 (PT)/June 18 (ET) serves as the season’s sparkling closing act. Speak your intentions into the universe now and don’t be distracted by hazy self-doubts. Follow your heart—you can always course-correct later.

Jupiter will join forces with the North Node of Destiny on June 1, catapulting us into the future.

In other mid-month news, a currently-retrograde Pluto moonwalks out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn on June 11. As it crosses into Capricorn territory, it forms a mystical trine with Mercury, allowing us to finally process some hidden information or repressed ideas. Then on June 17, Saturn retrograde in Pisces begins. This stern and serious planet backspins until November 4, giving us an opportunity to work through our karma and clarify our commitments.

We ring in the final third of the month with the summer solstice on June 21. This also marks the first day of watery Cancer season, pushing care and comfort to the top of our priority lists. Once Mercury joins the sun in Cancer on June 26, conversations take on a more emotional tone and we’ll feel called to speak from the heart. Sensitivities may heighten as we approach the Mercury cazimi at the end of month (aka a conjunction between the sun and Mercury). Intuitive hits could come flooding in around this time—especially given that dreamy Neptune starts retrograding on June 30, too. The blue planet is backspinning through December 4, lifting the veil on our daydreams and helping us process reality.

With that all said, here’s your horoscope for the month, according to your sun sign and/or rising sign:

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