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Here’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Character That Resembles Each Zodiac Sign the Most

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StyleCaster | Zodiac Signs as the Little Mermaid Characters
Image: Disney; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

Despite having a life filled with all that a mermaid could ask for, Ariel still desires a life beyond the vast ocean. And because her character is still so real to this very day, here’s The Little Mermaid character that captures each zodiac sign the most. With the release of the new live-action movie taking place on May 26, there’s never been a better time for this discussion.

The Little Mermaid is the beloved Disney film that tells the enchanting legend of a mermaid named Ariel who lives under the sea with her gaggle of sisters, her strict father and her wide array of oceanic friends. But before the original animated Disney flick entered theaters in 1989, The Little Mermaid was already an age-old tale that began with Hans Christian Anderson’s short story in 1837. That’s right—before this was a fun musical for children to sing along to, The Little Mermaid was a melancholy tale of sacrifice and lost love. And although Disney updated this story with more optimism and humor, they never lost sight of the adventure-seeking and freedom-loving character who risked everything for the sake of following her dreams and reaching for true love. Her character resonates to this day, along with all the many brilliant characters that were written to support her throughout her journey.

Curious about which character in The Little Mermaid is associated with your zodiac sign? Read on below to figure out who you are in the underwater city of Atlantica and beyond!

The Little Mermaid Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Disney ©

Aries: You’re Sebastian

Sebastian is the fiery and boldly enthusiastic overseer who answers to none other than King Triton, but follows Ariel through her journey for love and new life on land. With his loud-mouthed temper, opinionated nature and his ability to step outside of his comfort zone in order to be the best advisor he can be, Sebastian is undoubtedly an Aries. He is not one to shy away from expressing his reactionary thoughts to Scuttle, Flounder, Ariel or anyone else who crosses his path, much like an Aries. Plus, using his pinchers to prove a point is Aries energy to a T.

Disney ©

Taurus: You’re Sir Grimsby

Sir Grimsby, the faithful guardian and advisor to Prince Eric is the perfect depiction of Taurus’ loyal and devoted energy. He is the grounding force that keeps everything and everyone in order, even in the midst of change and unexplainable magic (like a Mermaid turning into a woman who eventually turns into a princess). He exists as a reliable force for mentorship, support and guidance, as a Taurus would be to whom they love and are committed to. If there’s any one sign in the zodiac that others feel comfortable enough to share their secrets, fears and master plans with, it’s a stable and trustworthy Taurus.

Disney ©

Gemini: You’re Scuttle

We all know Geminis to be witty, quick-minded and curious. Scuttle, the comical and self-proclaimed “land expert” is the flying friend that relays information about the human world for Ariel to enjoy and explore. In the original film, we first meet Scuttle when he uses a telescope as a hat and tells Ariel that the fork she found is a special and unusual “dingle-hopper”, used by humans to straighten their hair. She is in awe, hanging on his every word, just like others respond to Geminis when they talk and tell stories! They have the natural gift of gab and their Mercurial energy has everyone else in a trance as they speak. Scuttle is a great depiction of Gemini energy!

Disney ©

Cancer: You’re King Triton

Cancers are known for their prioritization of home and family. Regardless of whether that home is an underwater castle and colony of mer-people, or a cottage on the English countryside. King Triton, the face of a traditional patriarch, makes for a perfect depiction of a Cancer! He is a ruler, leader, and someone who shows strong emotions when things are out of his control. Water signs have a tendency to lead with their heart, and King Triton is a protective and authoritative figure in Ariel and her sisters lives. Without a maternal figure around, he takes on both roles, and regardless of gender, Cancers have big, feeling, loving hearts that a single parent is required to take on in order to fulfill the love and attention that their children need and deserve. Even when that caring heart of his comes off as cruel, it is only out of fear that his loved ones are going to get hurt, as we see in King Triton when Ariel desires to leave the kingdom that he has built for her and her sisters.

Disney ©

Leo: You’re Max

Max is Prince Eric’s jovial and loyal pup that follows him out to sea and back with a wagging tail all the way! Leos are fixed fire signs, meaning that once they set their sights on someone, they plan to be with them for life. Much like their symbolic lion, they mate for life, and Max is by Eric’s side no matter what. He brings a smile to everyone’s face who watches The Little Mermaid, and even made his live-action debut in the new 2023 movie, played by a real-life pup! He does not speak like the other animal characters in the film, but his powerful and positive personality makes him the star of the show, and we all know that Leos enjoy playing their role as the unforgettable fan favorite!

Disney ©

Virgo: You’re Princess Indira

Now lovingly deemed “The People’s Princess” across the Internet, Indira is played by Simone Ashley and portrays as the sister of Ariel in the new 2023 movie. Her character is based on one of Ariel’s original six sisters—named Alana—from the 1989 film and perfectly represents Virgo’s loving and supportive energy. She is named after the goddess of prosperity, good luck and beauty, much like the qualities of the Virgo maiden in the zodiac. Virgos have a tendency to fain background roles, being quietly content with turning mundane things into something magical. They do not require the spotlight, nor do they complain when their work benefits the greater picture, as Ariel’s lesser known sister does well. They have a tendency to bottle things up until they explode, but would much rather keep the peace and be known as a calming and welcoming force in other people’s lives.

Disney ©

Libra: You’re Prince Eric

Libras are known for their hopeless romantic hearts, and much of their life is revolved around finding their “one true love”. As the zodiac sign associated with long-term contracts and relationships (such as marriage), Libras have a habit to lose themselves in people that they have romanticized. As we all know Prince Eric falls for the one and only Ariel, an ocean-dwelling princess who has traded her voice for land legs. Libras would be the zodiac sign most likely to fall in love with someone who has an undeniable flaw that they can simply overlook with those infamous rose-colored glasses. In a Libra’s eyes, it matters less whether or not someone could communicate with them, so long as they can live out their fantasy of a fairytale romance.

Disney ©

Scorpio: You’re Ursula

The infamous sea witch uses her conniving capabilities to trick Ariel into giving up her voice for land legs, singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” with every swish of her tentacles. Ursula knows magic, and whether she uses it for good or bad is left to your discretion. She wants what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it, just like a Scorpio might. She is also quick to admit that she has made some “past mistakes”, but her enticing energy still hypnotizes Ariel into giving her exactly what she wants. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio cannot always see outside of their own belief systems once they’re set in place, they are known to go through destruction, transformation and rebirth over and over again in their lifetime. Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, Scorpios use endings to bring about great change in their life, and what character is better suited as a Scorpio than Ursula?

Disney ©

Sagittarius: You’re Ariel

The star of the show is a real rule-breaker and an adventurer at heart. Ariel, one of seven sisters in the kingdom of Atlantica, has always stood out from the crowd and forged her own path in life, much like a Sagittarius would. She cannot be tied down and will do whatever it takes to follow her heart, even if it means sacrificing the only life she’s ever known. Her father (King Triton) has her best interests at heart, but even that isn’t enough to convince Ariel otherwise as she desires to explore the land above. For all intents and purposes, her life is great, but even a kingdom can’t keep a Sagittarius from wanting to set themselves free. Sagittarius people are jovial, light-hearted, curious and ultimately ruled by their desire for novelty. Ariel is the perfect character to embody Sagittarius energy.

Disney ©

Capricorn: You’re Chef Louis

Chef Louis is a dedicated, organized and traditional chef that serves up a feast and a tune. We see him going through his mis en place to “prepare in the classic technique”. Although on-looker Sebastian watches in fear as he cuts up and perfectly plates crustaceous appetizers, Chef Louis is following decades-old kitchen knowledge to bring the “best of the best” to the kingdom. Capricorns are known for their tendency towards being “cold” if it means that they can make it to the top. Chef Louis is more worried about doing things perfectly than letting a talking red crab get in his way.

Disney ©

Aquarius: You’re Queen Selina

Queen Selina is a new character that is being introduced to us in the new live-action rendition of the classic Little Mermaid. She plays the mother to Prince Eric, which establishes her reign queen. As the sister sign to Leo, Aquarians are the lesser-known royalty of the zodiac, but nonetheless they persist! Queen Selina is a regal, well-known trailblazer that has a duty to prioritize. Aquarius people are much the same, and despite the magic they’re often cooking up behind the scenes, they often care more about their community than themselves. However, as fixed air signs, their thoughts, beliefs and opinions are typically unchangeable once they’ve been set in place. They are loyal to the life that they desire, and Queen Selina is the perfect character to embody Aquarius energy. She is new, trend-setting and unstoppable, just like an Aquarius.

Disney ©

Pisces: You’re Flounder

Flounder is the loyal and loving fish friend of Ariel that lives in his own dreamy reality as he floats through the sea to keep up with her wild shenanigans. Following her through sunken ships, through the kingdom and beyond is very much Piscean energy. They are kind-hearted and adventurous, just like Flounder. Pisces bring joy and laughter to the lives of the people they touch, and because Flounder is really just along for the ride, they exemplify the “go-with-the-flow” attitude that Pisces embodies so well.

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